Chesses is more or less a continuation of the kind of game design I've pursued with games like PONGSBREAKSOUT, and SNAKISMS, among others. That is, it's a set of variations on an original game: in this case it's chess. There are eight variations in the collection (one for each rank on a chessboard or something), each exploring some addition to or subtraction from the original game of chess, whether it's playing with gravity applied or playing quantum moves that exercise every option at once. Unsurprisingly you can't really play any of these variations as you would play standard chess, but that's kind of the fun of it - a chance to play some chess without freaking out about the obscene difficulty it represents.

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TagsChess, cloning, Gravity, Physics


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add cloneboard where every move has each responce duplicated with each responce and you have to move on one board then your oppenet does the same thing untill one person wins

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MAD has a bug where if the king captures for a second it sais that the team that captured with the king loses.

add a version of atomic but its two squars explosion range instaid of one.

add rocket chess where every piece can also attack like the knight without moving and knights can either move or not when capturing a piece.

Very creative, I like it

this game is really well made, and i always think about it whenever im thinking of interesting chess variants. I was going to talk about the similarities of this game to PONGS,  but looks like you actually made that game!

I definitely think you should update this game with more content! There are a few bugs, and i have a few suggestions.


Pawns dont promote correctly in gravity mode, and pawns with multiple promotion options don't both promote in quantum mode.

The time it takes for a variant to load from the moment you press the button increases the longer you play the game. Im not a coder but this might have something to do with memory leakage

If you click the "Chesses" button at the top during the transition to the chess board, the menu appears at the bottom of the screen.


It would be cool to see underpromotions added.

The clone variant definitely is interesting, but its a little bit lackluster as you'll almost never be able to use anything other than the pawns and knights, and you can easily repeat moves over and over with no consequence. I think it would be better if you only clone when you take a piece/pawn.

Chance variant is awesome, no complaints here.

Crowded is a bet eh, theres no special rules and often the piece count/material count isn't equal. I wouldn't mind seeing it removed.

Gravity variant is also awesome, no complaints!

Lite is very funny at  first, but 99.99% of all games will most likely be draws. Theres not many ramifications of this ruleset, so i could also see it being removed. (For the record, i'm not saying  that these aren't good enough for the game, i just want this game to be awesome and i think having higher standards for whats added will help!)

M.A.D is a good variant, it's definitely a lot less extreme as the other ones. It doesn't change the game too drastically, but its also not too original as "fatal capture" has already been made.

Momentum is amazing, and so is quantum. Great job on these!

That being said, you don't have to update the game if you are too busy with other projects and such. I just think this game has a lot of potential, like PONGS! Message me on discord if you want: axerity is the name.

This is fantastic


Well thanks!

In gravity mode my pawn hasn't promoted. Can you please fix it?

Oh that's interesting... I'll try to take a look at it.


add "rpg chess"where every piece moves regualarly but the can attack in a 3x3 radius 2 squars away from them and they can select a square and every adjancent square including diagonals if it has a piece on it it blows up.

Oohhhhh nice one. Or even JRPG chess where you break away into one of those displays of the teams facing off in 2D side-on view!

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MAD chess has a bug where the king can capture and it deletes itself

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Hahaha. Sounds reasonable to me... it's mutually assured destruction! So you lose if you capture with the king...

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imagine a move in quantum chess thats like qe12345678,a1b2c3d4e5f6g7h8#

this is nice

How does lite work?

Lite is "the piece you choose DOES move, but you dont decide where."


Yeah, i kind of though you already figured it out since this was about 3 months ago, but decided to comment anyways.

I'm aiming to checkmate myself in every mode. Harder then it sounds

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i already got quantum and clone update i got chance mode and MAD mode update i got momentum mode update i got crowded mode update i got chance mode Update i got gravity update i got momentum FINALLY update I GOT LITE FINALLY

is there any way you could make this downloadable?

Hmmm probably. Haven't thought about it for a wee while. Electron would be a possibility.

if there is a downloadable version add online multiplayer

please add more crazy modes

such as quantum but king also duplicate

ha! That would be amazing!

rooks are almost useless in gravity

and bishops are broken

just realized the optimal strategy for quantum is to get the queen out on move 2

Nailed it!

would've been cool if you at least implemented an AI (a dumb one too, it's fine) so we can play against someone trying. It wouldn't be too hard too.

it’s true. Need to get around to that!

there are free javascript chess engines but u need to integrate

been playing it for past 1 hour :V really cool game, please allow online multiplayer too X

That would definitely be a great addition! At some point I do need to learn how to implement it...

great to hear that :D


Awsome game ideas!!

Thanks :)